Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soccer Lives!!

Judge Foley has his head screwed on straight.

A Milwaukee County judge has kicked out a state agency’s decision requiring the Wisconsin Soccer Association to have unemployment compensation for referees, coaches and trainers, some of whom work only a few games a year.

Earlier this year, the association filed a civil lawsuit challenging a decision by the state’s Labor and Industry Review Commission that the volunteer organization would have to have the insurance. Association leaders said they feared the ruling could be extended to require them to deduct a range of taxes from an official’s pay, including state, local and Social Security taxes.

Circuit Judge Christopher Foley, in a written decision issued this week, found that the referees, coaches and trainers were not association employees and that they were not economically dependent on the money they received for their efforts.

That "agency decision" was just one in a series of silly decisions made by LIRC over the last few years.

Happy to see that the judge kicked their position down the stairs.

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