Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More "Racism" Slurs

So the word "thug" is now a racist appellation in Milwaukee, eh?

Well, there's a corresponding, but not identical, example from Canada.

Recently, an abortionist named Morgenthaler was awarded the Order of Canada (!!) which caused quite a stir; some prior recipients of the award returned their medals in protest; the Catholic Bishops went ballistic (in their erudite way), and pro-lifers generally are restive.

Following the reaction, a LeftyWonzo Canadian defends the award by playing the race-card.

Many years ago, Montreal Gazette cartoonist Terry Mosher, aka Aislin, published a cartoon that pictured Henry Morgentaler beside a handsome, waspish doctor with an Anglo-Saxon name and posited the question: Do you think if Henry Morgentaler looked like this, there would be this fuss?

We may never know how the debate on abortion might have unfolded if its leading proponent looked like George Clooney. Aislin, also named to the Order in 2003, made his point brilliantly, tacitly alluding to an unfortunate thread of anti-Semitism that also circulates about Morgentaler and his practice.

Of course, there is no "anti-Semitism" involved in the criticism--either of Morgenthaler, or of the twits who made the decision to give a Medal to a bloodthirsty baby-killer.

But apparently, the Left's new meme is to invoke racism no matter the underlying facts.

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