Monday, May 12, 2008

The LIES About the Budget Deal: Channel 12

Just watched Channel 12's news.

All the lies about the budget deal are in their report...

1) "Reduce spending by $69 million."

Nope. While the spending was in the budget, none of it has been spent, nor will anyone lose their State jobs.

2) "No tax increases."

Nope. The deal provides for locals to tax certain retirement homes (not allowed until now.)

3) "Closes a tax loophole."

Nope. It creates a NEW TAX BURDEN for WallyWorld (and perhaps other entities). This is, in fact, a tax increase, just like what the retirement homes will face.

4) Channel 12's report mentioned only ONE of the TWO $125million "delays." The one they did NOT mention was the first one in my post below.

5) The report also failed to mention that State residents will lose $80 MILLION DOLLARS on the re-financed cigarette bonds AND assume the risk-of-failure of the tobacco companies.

6) The report failed to mention that the drivers' license fee increase will be fraudulently diverted to other purposes. Of course, it isn't "Fraud" because the State Legislature SAYS it isn't fraud. Nice, eh?

The lies, the spin, and the bullshit. Too bad even experienced reporters (Wainscott) bought that stuff.

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