Sunday, December 16, 2007

WI Department of Corrections Overtime Abuse Scam

Interesting what one learns, running a blogsite.

A few weeks ago we mentioned the very generous benefits given to WI DofC guards.

Turns out that's not all that the guards can squeeze from the system. A commenter suggested that DofC's overtime payments can be rigged by the guards:

What the story misses is the bigger story of sick leave abuse by Correctional Officers. If you dig deeper you will more than likely find that many of these Officers have used most of their sick leave if not all. This ensures overtime will continue to be available. For example in a normal 80 [hour pay period] , if the officer uses 16 hours of sick leave, they can work another 16 hours outside their regularly scheduled work hours and get paid for 96 hours and only have to work 80. At the same time they are calling in sick they are making "overtime" hours available to their fellow "blue shirts"

One would think that an audit might be in order, no?

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Anonymous said...

There are lots of ways to play the overtime issue in corrections.