Wednesday, December 26, 2007


P J O'Rourke nails it:

Fretting about overpopulation is a perfect guilt-free—indeed, sanctimonious—way for “progressives” to be racists.

Never forget that racism played a part in the banning of DDT.

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Anonymous said...

"Never forget that racism played a part in the banning of DDT"

So let's jump to conclusions, Dad.

Enviros, those wicked people, came up with the idea of banning DDT.

This very same cabal cleverly cooked up the idea to conceal their racist ideals by pushing for a DDT ban.

If you actually believe this, then this explains a lot: The Catholic Church NEVER would kill in the name of God. NEVER!

You're a Konservative Neo-Kon Krank if there ever was.

By the way, wouldn't you be happier "living" in Alabama? I know they don't have a lot of Catholic Churches there, so that could still keep you old and nasty and cranky. But you'd find a lot to love with all the political wack-jobs there.

Thought for the day: Santa is the tool of Satan. (If you rearrange the letters in SATAN, you get SANTA!)

Not only that Dad, but if you play the song 'Santa Claus is coming to Town' backwards, it means SATAN is coming to Town!

Thanks to The Right Reverend Doctor James Dobson from the American Family Association for giving me the idea to play records backwards!!! And keeping my eyes peeled for Satanic messages in Walt Disney productions!!!

Mike Huckabee for President!

Dad29 said...

Some day, when you have nothing else to do, you might look up the Congressional testimony on the DDT ban.

You'll find that a pro-ban twit was very, very casual about the population of S.E. say the least.

Malaria was (and remains) a problem in SE Asia. Asked how to counter malaria's killing of thousands of SEAsians if DDT were banned, the twit responded "So what? They're just brown people.."

But that's not racist, eh?

Anonymous said...


The ONLY place I was able to locate your 'twit' comment was in reference to a book by your fellow comrade in arms, Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, titled Toxic Terror. As far as I can tell, the quote is not referenced further, so it's pretty useless when it cannot be attributed to a particular person.

Dr. Whelan heads an industry funded organization, the American Council on Science and Health.

For further information, see

Go ahead and spray that DDT all over your house and kids. Spray, spray, spray away!

For your personal satisfaction, I also recommend visiting your fellow comrades in arms at:

I'm sure you'll find this website as an excellent reference.

You're welcome!

Dad29 said...

Good boy/girl. You found it.

No more need be said.

Except this: if you have a few gallons of DDT in your garage, I'll make you a cash offer to buy the stuff!