Saturday, December 29, 2007

Talk Radio Perseveres: The Poor, Minorities Hardest-Hit

You can't make this up--it passes as 'serious thought' on a local LeftyBlog.

Non-sports programming at WTMJ and WISN are built on trashing anybody to the left of Attila the Hun without even a pretense of balance. Lost are not just the views of liberals, but also the views of minorities, poor people, and the perspectives of individuals who live in urban areas.

Attila was my cousin. Sykes ain't no Attila.


Brother James said...

Well, jeeze, if one is looking for left-slanted news and opinion and the voice of minorities, look no further than PBS. And better yet, it's paid for by taxing the rich, white conservatives they lambast. How's that for irony?

K. Carpenter said...
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K. Carpenter said...

I wonder what James T. Harris would think of this assumption made by the lefties?