Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Hildebeeste? Then Who's the Pubbie?

It's all over the 'net today.

Should the Hildebeeste continue to shrink away (think Wicked Witch of the West), which Pubbie should be the nominee?

In the link above, The Captain speculates on an Obama run, which would certainly be less acrimonious than a Hildebeeste run. It may even focus on stuff like principles and policy--you know, actual ISSUES--which would be a pleasant change from the last 3 cycles.

That leaves Ruuuuudeeeeee! with a problem. As the Captain mentioned, a good part of Rudy's game was to paint himself as the Hillary-Killer. But if there's no Hillary, why Rudy? Thus, it's no surprise that Rudy's numbers are floating downward... nor that he's changed tactics slightly, returning to the "terrorist-killer" theme which is his (only) strength. (What? Yes. He has no social conservative stripes, he has little in "small-Gummint" stripes..he's a Rocky Republican with an attitude. That's all.)

Sykes noticed (citing Politico) another Third Rail which will also hurt Rudy, Romney, McCain, and the Huckster, (but not Fred!, nor Hunter): the illegals. (Much, much more from Pete here.)

Only Fred and Hunter have a solid and meaningful track record on the illegals. And between the two, only Fred has painted himself with Federalist colors. And, while Hunter is a sterling candidate, he can't seem to get traction.

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