Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scott Walker: WRONG on Big10 Network

Scott Walker, normally a common-sense kinda guy, blew this call.

In a letter sent to Time Warner Cable, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker said,
“Frequently, my office hears from frustrated constituents regarding their inability to receive
college sporting events on the Big Ten Network. Naturally, most would prefer that Time Warner
provide that service as a part of their basic cable package of channels.”

Dear Scott:

You can pay for the increased costs of TWC after the Big 10, a STATE-TAX-SUPPORTED venture, extorts even more money from the cable companies. Why in Hell should WE pay?

Same-o with the NFL extortion (except they're not supported by State taxes.)

Wrong call, Scott. Take a 10-yard penalty, re-play 1st down.

1 comment:

steveegg said...

It's a 5-yard false-start; otherwise, you'd have offsetting penalties on the BTN and NFLN.