Friday, December 28, 2007

McCain? Thompson? That's "Toady" or "Thinker"...

With the event in Pakistan, there's buzz about John McCain becoming a hot-item in the primaries; evidently, his military background makes him a better bet than the others.

What crap. A uniform is nice, but using one's brain is even better...

Here's McCain, whoring and toadying at full throat, when asked about Global Warming:

“There is no doubt in my mind that it’s real,” McCain said when he was asked.

McCain spoke of legislation he’s sponsored to create a cap-and-trade system, where companies that reduce emissions can sell credits to companies that do not. He said that reducing emissions can be a win for American companies that develop new green technology.

“Suppose that we are wrong about climate change and there’s no such thing and we adapt green technologies and we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All we’ve done is given our kids a better world and a cleaner world,” he said. But if there really is a major problem and nothing is done, he said, polar ice caps will melt, Alaskan villages will be destroyed and sea levels will rise.

In contrast, we present Fred!!

When Thompson was asked how he would deal with the “global warming crisis,” he replied:

“First of all I would try my best to find out if that’s an apt description.”

“We need to have a little modesty about this issue. There are a lot of things we don’t know.”

He said that while it’s true that the earth is warming, it’s not clear if that’s just part of a normal cycle.

“A lot of people want to jump conclusions and say … we’ve got all the answers, we don’t want to have any more discussion about it. We want to find a big government solution that would hurt our economy.”

McPain--same old, same old. Part of the AlGore Senate Club, and even has "cap-and-trade" in his bag of tricks.

What crap.


Pete Fanning said...

I have A LOT of respect for John McCain. Anyone who has seen the video "Situation Critical: The USS Forrestal", would probably agree. However, I also agree that the experiences that McCain has had in the military, as a POW and as a Navy pilot, may qualify him further, his other failings as a Senator serve to disqualify him FAR beyond that which his military qualifications could ever serve to win me over.

Display Name said...

At least Fred admits the warming could be taking place; there are plenty who deny that. Regardless of the cause, if the change is real, and the effects are real, then the real world will have to deal with it. So does it make sense to research it? Or to imagine the long-term effects? To follow the path of science?

Dad29 said...

John, one should begin with Common Sense.

It is clear that there (at least) WAS warming until ~2002; but whether "caused" by activity of mankind is another question entirely.

From what I've read, there is a pattern which extends back a number of centuries, and the recent warming was within that pattern--as was the cooling from ~1900-~1950.

Jeff Miller said...

Even being a former Navy Chief I can't say I have been happy with former Navy Officers becoming President.

Jimmy Carter was of course a disaster and George H. Bush was not exactly a bastion of conservatism. I don't see how John McCain would reverse this trend of Naval Officers as bad presidents. had some top 10 climate myth-busters for 2007.