Friday, December 21, 2007

Walker: A "Conservative"?

Not only did Scott Walker sign onto a letter demanding that Warner Cable (and others) include the Big 10 Network on their basic-cable packages, which would force cable-rate increases and thus force consumers to pay AGAIN for State-tax-supported athletic programs...

Now we are reminded that Statist Scottie is also a Huckster lookalike:

The tougher ban piggybacks on a general county smoking ban enacted in 1994. Walker proposed the further restrictions in August, when he issued a non-enforceable executive order calling for them.

The article states that Milwaukee County is imposing a smoking ban in all its buildings, including Mitchell airport.

It's a mystery why the Left wants to elect a Statist in Milwaukee County. They already have a fine one.


steveegg said...

4 words - "They want it all."

More words - "That includes unlimited tax and spending increases with absolutely, positively no opposition from anybody in gubmint."

That having been said, we need to smack some sense into Scott.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker has turned RINO. The hell with him. He can stand on his anti-tax issue for only so long.

The complete package shows that Walker is stepping further and further into the dark side.