Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little Background on Jim Rowen, Blogger

...on Jim Rowen, who (for some reason) actually has credibility around Milwaukee.

...A history of the UW System documents in great detail the violent advocacy of the Daily Cardinal radical writers.

At great length, it also discusses a campus radical group, SDS, identifying Rowen as a member.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was a Communist-influenced (if not worse) organization which was just this side of the "violent" line.

Not a bunch of dope-smoking hippies sitting around a bong in their kitchen, intoning "...peace, mon..." repeatedly. These were genuine nasties.

The book notes that the Madison protests in the year leading up to the Sterling Hall bombing were distinguished by their "violent and disruptive character, and the justification, if not active participation by many students and by the increasingly radical Daily Cardinal." Around that time, Rowen published what the history calls his "series of polemical articles" attacking the AMRC and the military industrial complex (Profit Motive 101). The research was published in a pamphlet distributed at SDS rallies, according to the book.

Interesting, no?

The next protest was against GE, supported by the Cardinal and organized by SDS. The protesters smashed windows and sprayed graffiti, some of it with the name of Armstrong's supposed gang. Cardinal columnist Rowen, notes the history, "exulted" over this, writing: "Combining understanding and action, students hit their precisely defined oppressors harder and longer than ever before in this city - and that is revolutionary."

Rowen went on to work for Soglin, a radical Lefty, and for "Adam's Apple" Norquist.

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