Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tom Reynolds Strikes Again

Senator Reynolds has introduced a new bill:

This bill eliminates the requirement that DHFS make its best effort to place the
person in his or her county of residence. Instead DHFS must designate the county
of placement based on the type of treatment and services the person may need and
the ability of the county, a public agency, or a private agency to provide the treatment
and services and based on the proximity of other persons on supervised release and
of persons in the custody of the Department of Corrections regarding whom a sex
offender notification bulletin has been issued to law enforcement agencies.

This bill imposes a tax on the operation of an adult book store or video store.
The tax is equal to 12 percent of the amount paid to the business for an admissions
fee, a user fee, and the sale of food, beverages, tangible personal property, and
services. The revenue generated from the tax will be distributed as a grant by DHFS
to counties and municipalities for the siting, construction, and maintenance of
transitional release facilities for sexually violent persons who are placed on
supervised release. Only transitional release facilities that are to be located in a
remote area are eligible for a grant for siting or constructing.

It's already being criticized by a playground occupant here.

I have problems with the bill, too--but for far different reasons. Reynolds has managed to pin the tail on the donkey: porn and sex offenses are linked. However, he went on to conflate a brand-new sex offender placement mandate with a new tax policy. In so doing, he's mixing applies and oranges and doesn't really produce a good fruit salad.

IMHO, the best "treatment" program for sex offenders is plain vanilla release, accompanied by plenty of publicity--the only "cost" will be the publicity itself. Should the individual re-offend, let the parents of the children who have been attacked take care of the offender, in any fashion they deem appropriate. The parents will be afforded all the rusty butter knives necessary for their treatment program, as well as appropriate restraining devices with which to encumber the offender. Band-aids will be provided at the option of the local Gummint. Cost of permanent "treatment"--approximately $20.00/offender.

As to porn: Contrary to the wishes of the playground poster, a tax of 1,000% is just fine. That approximates the tax burden on cigarettes, so it's fair. As playground points out, the State will benefit, but there will be a rush to the Internet. SO? We all know that heavy taxation breeds defiance and black-markets. Use the proceeds to reduce the State's current $1.5 billion structural deficit.

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