Wednesday, February 01, 2006

ANOTHER Theme Song

Everybody's Doing It,
Doing It,
Doing It,
Everybody's Doing It,

(etc.) The original song was written in the 1920's (I guess) and was a "flapper" hit at the time.

Now it's the theme song of Scott Jensen. Seems that the Dems were just as dirty as the Pubbies and Scott spilled the beans. Pete Bock (Mr. WannaBe AG Falk and an acquaintance of mine) put his hands into the slime, too--a disappointment; the Jesuits shoulda trained him better, eh?

My children have accumulated a short list of Things Daddy Tells Them, and they can recite the list from memory (it's burned into their C-drives...)

In the Top Five Daddyisms: Life Isn't Fair. If you got caught and the other guy didn't, tough. If the other guy shoulda been caught, too, tough. You're GROUNDED for a reasonable approximation of forever! End of discussion.

Da Godfoddah still has the best take on it:

'The objective is to maintain or increase power. All other interests, including the Common Good, are secondary.'

Well, Scott, you're grounded.

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Anonymous said...


SJ's defense could be used by every drunk driver. Why prosecute me when so many others who don't get caught are not charged?

The man was a leader of the Republican Conservatives. On principle alone he should have refused to use taxpayer money to preserve power for him or his friends. SJs actions on behalf of Republicans seems so similar to what was practiced in the Soviet Union by the Soviet party leaders.

SJ should have given up his seat and moved to the private sector. He already has accepted a side job as a paid state lobbyist per my recollection.