Sunday, February 12, 2006

B-16, JPII, and the Atlantic Monthly

Read a very interesting article in the Atlantic Monthly (2/06)which described the papacy of JPII and the ascent of B-16.

The author is Paul Elie, an editor for a major book publisher, (Farrar-Strauss-Giroux). He posits that Cardinal Ratzinger was very concerned about some of JPII's "grand gestures" as well as some of his writings, both of which were occasionally theologically ambiguous.

He reinforces the general impression that B-16, being a crackerjack theologian, prefers to be very precise in word and in deed; that he views the Church as the instrument of salvation; and that he is extremely concerned about Europe's apparent flight from God.

He also indicated that the "Polish Mafia" which surrounded JPII in his last 12 months (and which included Cdl. Szoka of the US) more or less co-managed the Church with CDF in that period.


Anonymous said...

What "grand gestures" do you suppose he's talking about?

Dad29 said...

One he mentioned was when JPII asked the head of the Church of England to accompany him through the Holy Year door.

Great photo-op, but since Rome does not recognize Anglican Orders as valid, it sent a funny signal.

The author also states that Dominus Jesus was issued by CDF without the "input" of such rummies as Walter Kaspar. The document, as you recall, was a recapitulation of the UNIQUE position of the Church as the instrument of salvation.

Didn't make the Ecu-Maniacs happy at all.

But then, R. was more than a little disturbed at some of the EcuManiacs' statements and actions.

Personally, I think that R was just as disturbed by the LitWonkPoofter crowd's silliness and excess, as well. Although it was not really mentioned in the article, it's clear as crystal for anyone who pays attention---the difference between B-16's Papal Masses and those of JPII.