Monday, February 06, 2006

Good Public Policy

Here's a program of legislation which deserves support:

• Pass a constitutional amendment — the Taxpayer Protection Act — to
limit tax increases at all levels of government in Wisconsin and create a
rainy day fund to help close gaps in the early part of a state fiscal crisis.

Eliminate the minimum mark-up law on gasoline.

Oppose any attempt to pass a statewide mandate on ethanol-blended

• Work on holding the line on the increases in the cost of electricity by
requiring the Public Service Commission to not approve “rate of return”
for utilities above the national average.
This alone would reduce electric
rates up to $200 million this year.

• Encourage the reform of public employee and elected officials pension
plans that future contracts require a personal contribution
- currently no
contributions are required.

• Toughen Chapter 980 (the sexual violent predator law) to provide
that these dangerous individuals would be sent
to a remote treatment facility instead of being
sent back to the community. The cost of the
treatment facility would be funded in part by a
12 percent excise tax on the sale of pornography.

• Move for a vote on the bill that would
require public libraries that lend R-rated materials
to minors have the written permission of
their parents.

• Work to reform the road building process by
requiring legislative approval of engineering
design changes that lead to cost overruns of
transportation projects.

• Help enact legislation that would require
public employees who administer benefits at the
local and county level, to verify that the applicant
show proof of legal U.S. residency.

Just common-sense stuff that ALL members of the Legislature should back--just as most citizen/TAXPAYERS would agree.

That's Tom Reynolds' pledge for the upcoming legislative session.


Anonymous said...

Where's the right to bear arms?

Dad29 said...

It's in the State Constitution, Amendment 25.

The fact that Jim Doyle flouts the Constitution should not escape you.