Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Conservative? Republican?


Here's the form for the Piggies on Capitol Hill:

Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related AgenciesRepublican Request Format for FY'07

→ The due date for member requests is April 5, 2005.
→ Please submit both your Senator’s state specific projects ($1 million for Smith Hospital, etc.) and line item programs contained in the budget ($5 billion for LIHEAP, etc.).
→ Submit all requests in letter form. In addition submit the Senator’s state specific project priority list, as well as line item program priorities, electronically. (Note the distinction between projects and programs.) If it is a programmatic request please insert PROGRAM-- (in all caps with the dashes) before the name of the grantee or program. Guidelines for the letter and electronic formats are below.
→ Please be realistic regarding your project priority list. You should not have 50 project priorities. Remember, these lists will be held confidential by the committee. [Ed -- ah, transparency.]
→ If your Senator is requesting language, please include the language in a separate word file or e-mail.
→ Disks with a copy of the electronic database will be made available in SD-184. With the disk will be a packet of project guidelines on what can and cannot be funded

Most likely Don Young (R-Pig Prize) already has several hundred million requested for Federal projects which will increase the value of his property, or that of the Murkowskis.

HT: RedState and Betsy's Page

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