Friday, February 24, 2006

800 Rounds per Minute

It's true what they say: the WCCA canceled its sub-gun shoot.

And Melanie Fonder, the Mouth of Mr. Corruption, stated:

"Most sane people would agree that stopping a fund-raiser where they're nutty enough to hand out machine guns is to the advantage of public safety,"

Well, WCCA doesn't hand out taxpayer-funded contracts to "special friends," Mel.

As to the rest of the story:

"When we found out this was a political fund-raiser against the governor, I canceled it," Nugent [Shooters' Shop owner] said, point-blank. "We are non-partisan."

Huh? Something's odd about this statement, although we do know from friends that the Governor's office is heavy-handed about "talking to" licensed establishments about "issues" which may require a contribution for resolution.

The gun store is not opposed to submachine guns, or even allowing the weapons to be shared on its firing range. Occasionally, the range is rented out for bachelor or bachelorette parties, where somebody brings a tommy gun or an Uzi to fire off.

Good. I have a birthday coming up, and a number of my children have not yet had pre-nuptial Tommy Gun events. Beats paintball.

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