Friday, February 10, 2006

How To Do Iran?

The American Spectator blogsite tells us the rumor:

...strategic bombers with gravity bunker buster bombs can sufficiently damage Iran's nuclear weapons fuel cycle facilities in one night to end the program.

Argues that it is not necessary to destroy all the facilities, just key nodes.

When asked about the day after, source is matter of fact that the Iranians will respond in some of seventeen ways, including closing the Hormuz Strait, and that any one of the seventeen ways will be enough to paralyze world wide energy markets.

I asked if the one night of bombing will begin several years of nightmares.

Source counters that the oil shock will be severe but not indefinite: that Western economies will recover; that Iran's economy will not recover and surrender will follow eventually.

Generally, rumors like this get leaked to provoke response. We'll watch the response to see what actually MIGHT happen should we put a few extra-large gopher holes into the Iranian landscaping.

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