Thursday, February 16, 2017

Who Is Doing What To Whom in D.C.?

The fight is just getting underway! 

See the link below for more--but here's the very brief briefing:

Back in the 1950's, the Russkis were the Epitome of Evil, probably because the US press didn't have a clue as to what was going on in Red China, or (more likely) because the US press didn't give a rotten fart about Chinese people anyway.

Regardless, the Russkis maintained their "principal evil" status until John Paul II, Lech Walensa, and Ron Reagan took them out.   The Russkis were then reduced to a regional hegemon; they still had lotsa nasty weapons and well-trained troops, but their slave-states had been emancipated.

Now, all of a sudden, the Russkis are the Epitome of Evil again!  Or so it would seem, if one reads the CIA/NSA/FBI leaker files now being airdropped like propaganda leaflets all over D.C.

(By the way, in the '50's Russia was evil because it was run by the Godless Communists.  One never sees that term today, because the (D) Party, the Deep State, and the servant MSM are guessed it!!)

Fast forward to Trump's entrance, stage right.

Trump prevailed because the vast middle of the US had had enough of the horsecrap oozing out of the DC Augean stables, whether statutory, regulatory, or shaming-rhetorical.  He offered an alternative:  the US and its citizens will be first in line and the Ruling Class will be forced to settle for much, much less.  Not only less influence and less ability to interfere with normal people pursuing normal lives in normal ways--but also the Ruling Class will get less Gummint Titty.

This the Ruling Class will not abide.  They enjoyed sacrificing YOUR children to their endless wars and monumental debts (their children were, by and large, aborted.)  They enjoyed a standard of living un-matched in the world, and--by the way--un-matched in 95% of the US, too.  And they expect to draw a retirement package which would be the envy of most third-world dictators, paid for by your grandchildren.

When that, and the Delusion-Dream of One World (run by, you guessed it) were threatened by anyone, especially a somewhat heathen and flawed man, the Ruling Class took action.

THAT is what you are seeing in DC.  Obozo and Soros in background, rioters in foreground, and the Vast Deep State--most of Congress, 2 million++ Federal employees, (not to mention their grantees in colleges) and their camp-follower Press--counter-attacking Trump.

They think they will not be vanquished.

We'll see about that.

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