Monday, February 27, 2017

Massingale, Again. Will No One Rid Us.....?

Good ol' Fr. Massingale.  Just can't accept that "Catholic teaching" stuff.  He's currently screwing up the minds of the yout' at Fordham, but remains a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

...He said Catholics were not duty-bound to obey Church doctrine, but rather they may respectfully consider them in their moral decisions, and then arrive at their own conclusions on how to lead their moral lives — even if they are at variance with the Magisterium.

Completely ignoring Church teaching about such things as grace and the demand to live a heroic Catholic life when the "messy and complex" circumstances arise, he falsely claimed that Catholics are only duty-bound to "do the best they can, even if it goes against Church teaching."

And yes, he's a Weakland-era guy.


Anonymous said...

Ok Fr Massingale, If Catholics were not duty-bound to obey Church doctrine, then I'm not duty bound not to throw anything in the plate to support you and your ilk. I'm also duty bound to support politicians that will strip the church of all FED GOV funding because you guys are crack addicts when it comes to the government tete.

Fr Massingale is such a douche bag

GOR said...

This whole wishy-washy attitude to settled doctrine, revealed truth and the message of the Gospel starts at the top with Pope Bergoglio. He advocates chaos, ‘personal choice’, faux mercy and challenging the ‘rigidity’ of Doctrinal Truths.

Ably assisted by ‘kissing expert’ Ab Fernandez, sycophant Fr. Spagnaro, and the ‘Black Pope’ Fr. Arturo, SJ., he is splitting the Church. Instead of ‘confirming the brethren’ as is his duty, he is sowing dissension and acting like a tin-pot South American dictator.

As a Pope, Francis is an aberration - presenting a public mask of ‘mercy’ but privately acting as a latter-day Stalin. He has lost all credibility with me and eventually others will recognize his two-facedness.

Will anyone rid us of him? Lord, how long…?