Monday, February 20, 2017

Cdl. Burke: 'vonRumerstein Lied'

Control of the Knights of Malta (and its very, very, large pile of assets) has been given over to Pp. Francis' own man.  It was done outside the law--at least, as the law has been applied for 300+ years.

For whatever reason, the Pope's boyzzz deem it necessary to lie about the events leading up to their coup d'etat, too.


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GOR said...

I had never wanted to believe that so many issues with the Vatican were about money. But contrast what happened with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate versus what happened to the Legionaries of Christ. The latter have money (lots of it), the former… not so much. So the former were decimated, but the latter were treated with kid gloves.

Then there was IOR (the ‘Vatican Bank’). When Cdl. Pell started getting to the bottom of the corruption there, all of a sudden he was persona non grata and was stymied at every turn – not least by Cdl. Parolin, the Secretary of State – very much in the line of his predecessors like Sodano and Bertone.

Now we have the Knights of Malta being essentially defenestrated by Bergoglio. Surprise, they have money also! Coincidence, you think? Hardly!

The rot starts at the top.

GOR said...

The “rest of the story” – though probably not. Boeselager’s contention that the distributions of condoms was a ‘one-time’ event in Myanmar which he halted once he found out about it - turns out not to be the case.

As Riccardo Cascioli reveals (La nuova Bussola Quotidianaof 2/8/17) Germany, Kenya and South Sudan were other sites of this condom distribution.

The reason…? Pressure from the UN threatening to cut off funds to the KOM. So how long did it actually go on? Twelve years – from 2004-2016. That’s a lot of ‘funds’.