Thursday, February 09, 2017

What's Really Under Sykes' Skin??

What really rubs Charlie Sykes' cheeks the wrong way is revealed in the very first sentence of this little monograph:

President Trump has been singularly unfortunate in his friends (think Steve Bannon), but exceptionally lucky in his enemies,...

Charlie "gets" a lot of stuff, but like the vast majority of the Consultant Class (City Class/Establishment Class) Pubbies, Charlie does not get the link between religion (cult) and culture.  That's why the Consultant Class cannot stand Bannon; he's a reminder of their epic fails in the Middle East and in the US, because Bannon does get it, and he gets it very well, indeed.

Charlie thinks that HE should be in Bannon's chair, too--but that's another matter.

Some day, Charlie will read the actual history of the Crusades. 

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