Thursday, February 02, 2017

The MSM Fails to Report Riots. "Fake" in Different Form

As most of us know, the MSM can (and does) fake 'news' in two ways:  it makes stuff up or distorts the reality so the reader has the wrong take. 

OR it simply does not report actual news when that news does not fit their Lefty template.


Last night, there were riots, lootings, burnings, and assaults at UC-Berkeley.  Lots of the action was on easily-accesible social media and news sites such as Drudge.

This morning, the websites of Fox6, WISN12, and JSOnline did not have a word about the events.

Not one word about violent protests against a gay speaker who happens to be a Trump supporter. 

Not one word.

So I guess it's not "fake" news.  It's Differently-Formed Fake.

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