Sunday, February 19, 2017

About That Border Wall....and Drugs...

See, that "wall" thing has TWO purposes.  One is the illegals problem, which is significant.

But even MORE significant is the drug trafficking which--by and large--uses the same porous border.  (Not that the Left-O-Wackies in the City of Milwaukee will talk about that when they ululate over the opioid-deaths stats.  Nah.  Can't talk about Mexican Drug Gangs.  That's RAAAACISSSS')

Another perspective on all that comes from this essay, wherein the author notes the de facto "no guns for Mexican citizens" regulation and speculates on the reason therefor.  Along the way, he also tells us why Trump made that offhand comment to the Pres/Mexico that 'we can help take out those bad hombres you have there.'

...The astounding power of the drug cartels over virtually every facet of life in Mexico exists, because there is little motivation to actually shut down the cartels. And what would be in the best interest of the drug lords? 
That’s simple – a total lack of firearms available to Juan Q. Publico, because at some point the good citizens of Mexico are going to have their fill of being slaughtered in their own streets. At some point they’re going to want to take matters into their own hands to do what the government can’t or won’t do – and that’s not good for business. So Mexico has become the self-appointed moral arbiter of U.S. gun laws not because stopping gun trafficking is good for Juan Q. No, he wants nothing more than to be able to own a firearm to protect his family. Stopping gun trafficking is good for the cartels who want absolute control of the country, because that’s just good for business....

You don't have to be too bright to read between the lines there.  The Mexican Gummint bears a large share of the responsibility for drug-gang activity.  That swamp has a helluvalot more 'gators than even D.C.

Where's "Black Jack" Sherman when you need him??

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