Friday, February 03, 2017

The War in America, Part Three

As well-phrased as any of the summaries, so far:

...At issue is the philosophy of nation-state populism that drove [Trump's] insurgent campaign. It is so at variance with the ideologies of conservatism and liberalism predominant in the capital that Washington is experiencing something like an allergic reaction. Nation-state populism diverges from Beltway conservatism on trade, immigration, entitlements, and infrastructure, and from liberalism on sovereignty, nationalism, identity politics, and political correctness. Its combative style and heightened rhetoric offend the sensibilities of career-minded Washingtonians of both parties, who are schooled in deference, diplomacy, being nice to teacher, and the ancient arts of CYA. 

The message this establishment is sending to Trump? Conform or be destroyed....

Indeed.  The Wisconsin (R) congressional delegation is split over Trump, with Ryan attempting to straddle.  Sensenbrenner has basically gone to ground, Grothmann will do what he's told (as is his habit), and the guy from Up North with all the kids?  He's running for Senate to replace Baldwin, so he won't get too Trump-esque. 

(Baldwin, by the way, now appears to have a sub-room-temperature IQ.  Egads.)

 ...Congress has been in session for a month. What, besides repealing a mining regulation, has it done? Why is Mitch McConnell not playing hardball with Chuck Schumer on executive branch appointments and Judge Gorsuch? I know, I know: "Things take time." But time is the enemy. This is something Democrats and other members of the self-described "resistance" understand but Republicans do not. 

Or perhaps the Republicans understand all too well, and want inertia and entropy to bring us a less populist and more conventionally Republican Trump. The doofuses....

I was a #NeverTrump guy.  Am still skeptical.  BUT I have to say that the guy gets it, by and large.  Certainly better than GWBush or his daddy ever did.

Maybe the Pubbies need a very hard, swift, kick in the ass.  

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