Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sen. Graham Plays "Man"

I don't know why Graham cares about State Department funding; his BFF (and the other half of the Senate Bobbsey Twins) McCain is a fine self-appointed ambassador at large.

So who needs State??

President Donald Trump's proposed budget is set to hit a brick wall in Congress, where some Republican lawmakers say the proposed cuts to foreign aid are out of the question.

"It's dead on arrival – It's not going to happen," said Sen. Lindsey Graham,

Screw you, Lindsey Bearsey Oats.

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Anonymous said...

but but but Mitch Mconnell says Trump cant do it.....


Listen to video starting at 8:18
Fox: You have 600 jobs you can appoint,
Trump: Lot of those jobs I do not want to appoint.
I don't want to fill them.. we are running an efficient Government