Thursday, February 09, 2017

Good Enough for Government Work, Eh???

That phrase was--and still is--meant as an insult.

In the House and Senate, however, Republicans must think that it's a compliment.

...The promise to repeal and replace the unpopular health law was a major cornerstone of the Republican platform in last year’s election.

“To be honest, there’s not any real discussion taking place right now,” Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) told the Huffington Post on Tuesday.

When asked when he thought Republicans would start seriously working on an alternative to Obamacare, Corker said, “I have no idea. I’m not on a committee that deals with this … but I don’t see any congealing around ideas yet....

(In fact, I remember ONE (R) Senator whose entire campaign was "Repeal ObamaCare".  He was from Wisconsin.  He's gone off the radar lately because his campaign promises aren't worth shit.)

The (R) sloths have known since NOVEMBER 8TH that they have a clear path, but they just don't get around to it.  Good enough for Gummint work, eh?

If there's one thing that Donald Trump has proven, it's this:  if you want stuff to get done, get off your bureaucratic ass and DO it.  Then it gets done.

As to the rest of you:  good enough for government work--until you get fired.

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