Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The War in America, Part Two

Z-man puts this 'war in America' in slightly different terms.

...the next year will be about the Cloud Party conspiring to undermine the Trump administration, while Trump figures out how to work around the system to undermine the system. His immigration order is a foreshadow of what is to come. Instead of looking for compromise, Team Trump will go big in order to trigger the political class and their media to overreact. This tends to turn off the public and thus turn the Cloud Party assets into liabilities, as we are seeing with these ridiculous protests....

A few years ago, Prof. A. Codevilla essayed about the "city class v. country class".  That was a landmark essay in every way that counts.  "Cloud people" is another way of saying "city class."

And they are just as despicable, even though they have nice smiles, like Paul Ryan.  (Did you hear how COMPLICATED it is to repeal ObozoCare?  COMPLICATED.  And COMPLEX.  And really, really, really, time-consuming, too!!!)

Meantime, RoJo is remarkably quiet.  Did McConnell make RoJo his bitch again?

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