Monday, February 13, 2017

Embarrassing Errors

A local fellow who is trying to maintain visibility shows us that some memes are illogical on their face.

...There was a reason why President George W Bush made a distinction between Islam and radical Islam. He worked very, very hard to draw this line...

Bush was wrong and it should be obvious to any casual reader, but let me help you if 1) you can't read for meaning or 2) you are deliberately obtuse.  Either way it is embarrassing.

There is no difference between "Islam" and "radical Islam."  In fact, there is no such thing as "radical Islam."  It is all "Islam."

There are, however, a bunch of Muslims who are willing to take the Koran seriously, just as there are Orthodox Jews who take the Old Testament seriously, just as there are Catholics who take Catholicism seriously. 

But Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism do not enjoin their serious adherents to kill all the non-Catholics/Jews (or whatevers.)

See the difference?  Don't be embarrassed, folks. 

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