Sunday, February 26, 2017

Abp. of Milwaukee No Fan of "The Wall"

Abp. Jerome Listecki sent a "must-be-published" letter to parishes.  It's rather anodyne.

In the letter he considers The Donald's actions vis-a-vis refugees from the Middle East and illegal immigrants from Mexico.

The Archbishop "would invite the President to prayerfully reconsider any attempt at a permanent refugee ban."

Odd.  So far as we know, the President has not brought up a "permanent" refugee ban.

Oh, well.

Abp. Listecki moves on.

"I would also respectfully ask the President whether the construction of a wall on the US and Mexican border is the most appropriate way to achieve the security sought by a democratic society."

Well, I can't say that I am now (nor ever was) a "wall-freak."  But every time we hear about more opioid deaths, (with most of that heroin coming over the southern border) a wall becomes more attractive.

It appears that the Archbishop was pushed--hard--to make some sort of statement.  Well, he did.  Think that will be enough for the Voces de la Frontera crowd?  (Hint:  nope.)

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