Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Silliness From Hot Air

This whole 'buy Ivanka' thing is absurd, and getting more absurder every day.

KellyAnne Conway flippantly recommends Ivanka Trump clothing while in the White House and gotterdammerung ensues.  Absolutely nobody in Flyover Country gives a flying fart about the remark, (nor about 'fashion' in general.)

Enter Hot Air to throw its 'cred' around--which demonstrates two things:  1)  Allahpundit is just another Establo-Ruling Class pouty-faced twit, and 2) Allahpundit really, really, really, wants to be in the White House making policy.

A little Fainting Couch time may repair the damage to the soul of Allah and the complete idiot at "Gummint Ethics."  Shall we make it mandatory time?

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