Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Shakedown Machine

Williamson, who doesn't like a lot of people, definitely does not like the (D) Party.

Here he proposes that the Party is merely a front for Government Employees and--when the rubber meets the road--the only thing the Party will really, really, really fight for is its Gummint Employee base.

The adage "follow the money" applies; between AFSCME, AFT, and NEA, (plus the usual assortment of other minor player goons, such as Trial Lawyers), the money-trail is clear.

In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker busted the union stranglehold; since then, the (D) Party has lost several more Legislative seats, has no real 'leadership,' and managed to lose the Presidential election, too.

Might be fun to see what happens when Trump busts the FedGov union monster, eh??

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