Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A Pipsqueak Barks!

We note that a locally-bred pipsqueak has barked.

It is no small irony that he implies that some who criticize Pp. Francis' motor-mouth imprecisions are 'not qualified' to speak about them.  (We note that the "about-the-author" section avoids telling us about the author.)

Actual theological and canon-law heavyweights have addressed the issues raised during this pontificate.  Instructors at non-ranked colleges......well,........draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE:  The article has been pulled.  Quoting the Editor's note:

This post has been removed. The original text was posted without authorization and bypassed any editorial review.  The blog did not reflect the Register's editorial views.

Somehow or other little John Paul Shimek hacked NCR?  Or does he have a friend with the keys to that server?

HT:  Canon212


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the same non-ranked college that is in the midst of building a minor seminary (and possibly a major one)? Hmm. That guy is going to have a hand in *that*??

Dad29 said... of last year he was a 'prof' at a pipsqueak college. Current facebook and linkedin searches do not confirm that affiliation.

So we'll fix that: at last report he WAS a teacher at a pipsqueak college. No further information is available.

Andrew K said...

Amazing that the NCR filter for articles is... non-existent!