Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ford's Financing of the Communists

The Ford Foundation has put many millions into Communist-front organizations, which in turn have created and managed "Black Lives Matter."

On this posting, Ford absolutely puts Soros to shame.

Think of that next time you buy an F-150. 

By the way, that "Marguerite Casey" umpty-$$ donor is UPS money.  Let's take a second look at FedEx, eh?


Anonymous said...

Good post. James Simpson hit a home run on this one.
The rebranding is amazing. But the root funding, and root people are still the same agitators.

Some of these groups we have not heard to much about yet, but we need to keep them in mind.

I suppose when the BLM matter brand goes stale, and it will, just like Acorn did, how will it be rebranded?This this article gives us a clue as to how it will be rebranded who will be behind it.

The ACLU is another rotten organization mentioned in the Simpson article, which is not surprising.
The ACLU is despicable.

In a different article :
Author Diana Dew points out that the ACLU gets much funding from the
Civil Rights Attorneys' Fee Awards Act of 1976

I am wondering how much money tax payer money goes to the ACLU from
Civil Rights Attorneys' Fee Awards Act of 1976? and how we can kill this law?

It is very fashionable to attach oneself to the Federal government tit and next to impossible to destroy the tit once it is established. This is why its so important to not elect big government politicians in the first place.

- Mississippi

Anonymous said...

....Ford Foundation and other undisclosed donors announced a
plan to give an astounding $100 million to BLM.....

Reported in Mindszenty Report October 2016 George Soros and World Disorder