Monday, July 04, 2016

Justice Thomas v. SCOTUS

When the (Kennedy) dope-smokers are wrong, they are VERY wrong.

Can't summarize Thomas' dissent much better than what was done at the link above.  Thomas simply unloads a series of nuclear bombs on the majority regarding their Texas abortion-restriction decision.

Summary:   "The Court should abandon the pretense that anything other than policy preferences underlies its balancing of constitutional rights and interests in any given case … As the Court applies whatever standard it likes to any given case, nothing but empty words separates our constitutional decisions from judicial fiat."

This decision's errors are not ground-breaking for the Court.

Here's a question:  why haven't our "conservative" Congress-critters utilized that provision of the Constitution which allows the Congress to strip SCOTUS of jurisdiction in certain kinds of cases?

Here's the answer:  they have no balls and they have no intellectual cohesion.  Both, not "or."

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