Friday, July 08, 2016

Can the Center Hold?

This is turning into a large-scale mess.

We have presidential candidates who are terrible.

We have LEO's who are dying under assault--and we don't know exactly by whom.

We have LEO's who are (at best) ill-trained and have made deadly judgment calls.

We have the country's principal LEO selling his soul for--really--no good reason.

We have various demi-riots, some by the Muslim horde.

And we have a country which is indisputably arming up.

T.S.Eliot would be in a cold sweat.


Anonymous said...

In the words of Grim:

A Point Worth Making Right Now
How to restore oversight, checks and balances? Vote Trump.

Anonymous said...

Things are simmering right now and quickly heading to a rolling boil, I'm afraid. Our society is being pulled apart by politics, multiculturalism, a poor economy, crime, etc., etc.