Thursday, July 14, 2016

US Bishops' Gun-Control Drivel

As one would expect, the US' Catholic Bishops' Conference has been into the gun-control thing for years.  A recent example of their thinking on the matter came from Abp. Cupich of Chicago.  His editorial is a *cough* target-rich compilation of mis-statements and historical gibberish--so much so that I won't bother to fisk it.

More interesting is the research of The Bear, who tells us who sits on the US Bishop's social policy committee which, directly or indirectly, has shaped the Bishops' statements on gun control.

...The list of those serving on the USCCB's committee on domestic policy that produced the USCCB gun-grab policy paper is quite fascinating. Billionaire George Schmidt, Google ex-boss and massive supporter of President Obama, etc. etc;  John Sweeney, head of Democrat Socialists of America, former SEIU, AFL-CIO boss and recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom; Sister Janet Mock, LCWR; Sister Miriam Mitchell, LCWR; Sister Carol Keehan, President of Catholic Health Association and vocal supporter of Obamacare while drawing a $962,467 salary from CHA; Ray Boshara, former Senior Fellow at New America Foundation, which has George Soro's son Jonathan on the board, is anti-gun, pro-Obamacare, and funded by left-wing heavyweights such as George Soros, through his Open Society Foundation. Anthony Williams, vociferously anti-gun ex-mayor of Washington D.C....

That's a solid list of The Usual Suspects which tells you all you really need to know.  One wonders what Cdl. John Carroll would have to say, eh?


Anonymous said...

Proverbial Straw
One is tempted to just walk away from the whole Roman Catholic Church: and say $%^& it.

GOR said...

Tempted, but don't do it Anonymous!

We don't get our Faith from Cupich, the USCCB...or Pope Francis. Stick to what your Faith tells you is the truth and ignore the gibberish spoken by others - whether they be Pope or Pastor.

Anonymous said...

They are not the Church. Besides, just where would you go, Anonymous? If you were as fully Catholic as you might be thinking you are, you would never have slipped into so foolish...and evil a thought. Please humbly pray your rosary every day and this devilishness will never torment you again.

Grim said...

I was not aware that nuns drew salaries on that scale.

Dad29 said...

SOME nuns take a vow of poverty, which in effect limits their personal assets. Thus, most all nuns have paid positions--but their income goes directly to their Order (e.g., Dominicans, Franciscans, etc.)

So. They get paid whatever their position is worth. Now we come to the REAL question: why does the Catholic Hospital Ass'n pay its exec-direc $900K/year?


Anonymous said...

I have a question for you. I do not like Google because of their politics and their social agenda, and in the back of my mind I fell they are steering me to what they want us to see, and I know I am the product they are selling.
For some time I have been looking for a replacement for Google. ( I am going to be stuck using gmail for the next three years, but then I will ditch them, but this is not about email, its about browsers)

Vox day has a posting about the world of browsers.
In this article he promotes Brendan Eich and the Brave browser.

Here is an interview with Brendon Eich.

What browsers do you use to get arround googles agenda, or SJW agenda, or anti Catholic agenda, or Left wing agenda? or, or or, the list goes on "ad nauseum"

I think I will load and use "Brave" and see how I like it.

I want to know your thoughts on this subject?

I need to go, as I have to go bale hay today but I will look later.

- Mississippi

Dad29 said...

It's not 'browser control'; it's looking at 2 or 3 of the responses from Yahoo/Google to get more information. It's also looking at several news/blog sources every day.