Sunday, July 17, 2016

Robert P. George and Magic Dirt

Robert P. George is an exceptionally solid pro-life lawyer and lawprof.

But he doesn't like Gingrich's observation that 'if a Muslim thinks Sharia law should be implemented in America, that Muslim should be deported.'

This leads one to believe that Robby George believes in "Magic Dirt theory" which boils down to 'if someone is here in America, they are good citizens until proven otherwise.'

Well, innocent-till-proven-guilty is a Constitutional thing, granted.

But Sharia law is absolutely, positively, antithetical to the Constitution, and for that matter, to any Western governmental scheme.

Now, then.  Can someone be "a citizen" of a country when that someone does not and will not accept its Constitution and the laws flowing therefrom?  (I'm not talking about the inanities which occasionally flow from SCOTUS, of course.)

Seems to me that Prof. George thinks that just by being here one is automatically a 'good citizen.'  That's Magic Dirt theory.  But that's like saying that one is a 'good' spouse while committing serial adulteries.  Legally, a spouse, yes.  But 'good'?  Entitled to all the usual spousal privileges?


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Anonymous said...

I was also disappointed in Professor George burying his head in the sand like an ostrich with his Sharia Law bit. Sharia Law and Islamicism have no place in the United States. People who support any kind of ideology that completely undercuts the founding principles of this nation have no right to spout their subversive BS or live in this country. A minimum requirement for living in this country is that you accept its basic founding principles, founding documents, and ethos. This is not an Islamic state.