Sunday, July 17, 2016

#NeverTrump NOT Dead

Many people, myself included, agree wholeheartedly with this manifesto.  Here's a part:

...Donald Trump is no lover of liberty. Donald Trump is no respecter of the law. And Donald Trump is certainly no man of character.
 We do not believe he is emotionally stable; we do not believe he is personally decent; he appears to be neither principled nor even particularly competent. And we believe the record shows, and his unreleased tax returns would further demonstrate, that he is not even a big business success – aside, that is, from having proven abilities at product branding, and at being a successful reality-TV showman. Apart from those two skills, Trump has a serial record – to use one of his favorite words – of being a loser....
And please, don't puke the Common Core Math that 'not voting for Trump is actually voting for Hillary' (who is an equivalent dumpster fire.)


Anonymous said...

"Many people, myself included, agree wholeheartedly with this manifesto"

Angelo Codevilla is one of those who probably agree with the Manifesto as well.

This article comes to mind.

Lets take it one step further, I am still not convinced Cruz would be better, Look with his Goldman Sachs contacts through his wife.


Dad29 said...

I'd take Cruz in a heartbeat, of course. He has principles. At least he only has one wife.

Anonymous said...

as Vox would say: "Ted Cruz's gang is still butthurt or something"