Friday, July 01, 2016

Picture, 1,000 Words, and All That

Courtesy of Moonbattery:


Jane said...

I love guns. Always have. I love my Glock 40 and XD 45 but am about to buy my first 9 mm. Will it be a Ruger or a Kimber? Maybe it will be both. A girl can never have enough shoes...or guns.

Where I live everyone has guns. Lots of them. What we don't have are rapes and robberies. A connection?

Grim said...

It was a real concession to me that my wife, back when she was my girlfriend, took up with me in spite of the fact that I carried a gun. Her people didn't do that kind of thing, though her father -- a good man -- kept one in the nightstand, and had carried one in Germany and Libya during the reconstruction after WWII.

Now she carries a Glock everywhere. You'd wiser get crosswise with me than her. I'll probably try to let you live, if you're honest and you give me room.