Sunday, July 31, 2016

Daniel Pipes, "Disinformation", the KGB, and Islamists

We're still working our way through the book "Disinformation" which was written by a former top Soviet-bloc intel guy who ran the Romanian version of the KGB and was therefore heavily involved with the Russian KGB.

Anyhow, in that book he mentions that for at least the last 40 (!!) years, the KGB has been sending  agents provocateur into Islamic countries, and by 1985 there were at least 400,000 of them emplaced by Russia throughout the Middle East.  Their assignment:  to demonize the US and Israel, principally through identifying the US Congress as "The Elders of Zion," and working with youth in those areas to foment resistance and violence.  (That "Protocols....Elders.." document was written by the KGB, by the way.)

This is something that Putin, a lifelong KGB operative, knew about.

So.  How does Daniel Pipes figure into this?  Easy.  He put his finger on the Islamist problem in an interview with Germany's Global Review (HT:  PowerLine):

...GR: Many people say that Islam is not a religion but a reactionary, totalitarian and repressive ideology comparable to fascism and communism; and that Islam cannot be reformed. Other people say that Islamism had nothing to do with religion and Islam. What do you say about relations between Islam and Islamism?

DP: Both these statements are silly. Of course, Islam is one of the major religions of the world; what is there to argue about? Islamism, a modern movement, however, shares much with fascism and communism. Islamism is a form of Islam. Denying this would be akin to saying that the Jesuits are not Christian....

*Click*  Another piece of the puzzle falls neatly into place. 

Donald Trump may believe that Putin is malleable, but other stupid Western diplomats and MSM wingnuts believed the same about Andropov and Gorbachev--that they were 'reformers.'  Nothing could be further from the truth, of course.

Now think about it this way:  what if "Arab Spring", ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, (et al) are really creations of the KGB?  What if the real 'black hat' is on the KGB?  

Recall that Obama's formation was from Frank Marshall, a card-carrying Communist.

Does that explain anything for you??


Grim said...

The MB dates to 1928, and as late as the Cold War was anti-Communist. Indeed, that's why it's been so successful: the CIA signed off on it as a useful way of aligning the Muslim world with the anti-Communist movement. See A Mosque in Munich, which relies on declassified documents for its historical thrust.

Or, if you like, ask yourself why the GWB administration was so capable of going after MB fronts so soon after 9/11. It's not because they suddenly discovered the bank networks being used to fund Afghanistan-based radicals. It's because we always knew about those networks, because we'd recently been using them to fight the Soviets.

Dad29 said...

Clearly, a 'strict Muslim' cannot be a Communist.

But that does not mean that the MB cannot act in a way that Putin wants them to.

The KGB is perfectly happy to use religion for its ends. We can see some of that in the Catholic church, where the current Pope has stretched the term "stewards of creation" to include a very Red "green" movement.