Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Obozo Screwed the Health Co-ops, Too

Obozo the Community Organizer did what most Community Organizers do:  made sure that he got his, and then screwed the community.

From an item describing the perilous situation of the Milwaukee (ObozoCare) health co-op, Common Ground Healthcare:

...The situation for Common Ground and the other cooperatives only got worse as the rules changed several times and as fewer people, particularly healthy people, signed up for their health insurance plans than projected.

"These guys had little margin for error," said Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University....

...The biggest rule change was when Congress limited the payouts from one of the programs designed to help stabilize the market in its first years.

Common Ground expected to receive $44 million through the program. In October, it was told it would receive $5.7 million....

(That "cutback" was not really a cutback.  It was following the law that Obozo signed. This is called sloppy-ass/propaganda journalism.)

...almost from the beginning, the program was cut back: The $6 billion initially allocated for the co-ops eventually was reduced to $2.4 billion. And Corlette, the Georgetown professor, said the Obama administration was never particularly invested in the cooperatives' success.

"These guys were left to twist in the wind," Corlette said. "They were orphans from the beginning."...

Yes, indeed.

Note the pattern:  Obozo "organized" in Chicago, which will set an annual record for the number of dead black people in its streets.  There are also a large number of dead black babies following Obozo's "organizing" on behalf of Planned Butcherhood.

Meantime, Obozo has spent about $10 million/year (taxpayer money) on his family vacations, golf, and 'campaign' trips. If he had sent that money to Common Ground Healthcare, they would be solidly in the black.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame the pretend president who calls himself obama (lowercase intended). It isn't he who loves money above all else. He only signs what his creators shove under his nose. Nobody effs up the world with their tangled knot of deception like a Moneychanger (capitalization intended).

Dad29 said...

Fact is, Obozo signed it.

And moneychangers are hardly the only bad guys, but I'll accept Satan as #1.

Anonymous said...

You wrote:
.....Note the pattern: Obozo "organized" in Chicago, which will set an annual record for the number of dead black people in its streets..............

I think he is trying to break his own record in Chicago . Read the link.


- Mississippi