Friday, July 15, 2016

Abp. Cupich: BS Done Badly

It's very difficult to BS your way through an answer to a pointed question.  Here's the transcript of a Q&A featuring Abp. Cupich (Chicago):

If someone is in a gay relationship, should they be able to have any leadership positions within a local parish? 

I think that if a person is in a, uh, in a, in any kind of relationship that does not, um, uh, that, that is not, uh, a relationship that, uh, is uh, is open to, uh, the three promises of marriage, any kind of relationship outside of marriage, that is a cause of concern that the, the individual, uh, should take serious what the teachings of the Church are with regard to living that kind of life. Uh, we do have people who, uh, are, uh, in so-called irregular situation, in a situations that are working with their pastors in trying to, um, ah, look at their situations individually, in an individual cases. But, uh, to make a blanket statement would be, uh, I think ignoring the fact that you have to, uh, make sure that you see where people are, and then you go from there

So the answer to the question is..........????

The Archbishop is a favorite of Pp. Francis.  Pray for Chicago, and pray for the Church.

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