Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What We Need Is More Public Transportation!

We all know that there is not enough public transportation.  There are far too many people who take their own cars to work every day, polluting stuff, and killing off fish, chipmunks, and trees everywhere. 

The solution is so obvious:  force everyone into sardine cans which are so clean, so pure, so perfect for all, that those who resist will be terminated everyone will LOVE it.

You say that could be a problem?  Then you don't believe in HopenChange and you are a resister and will be terminated.

That is all.

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Dale Day said...

If the USA was like other countries where everybody lives together in two/city centers, public transportation works well.

Having driven a city bus in Las Vegas, I can tell you that public transportation will never work - or be accepted - here in America.