Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rubio: "Let It Burn"

Well, well.

For the last several months, some on the Right have muttered that they will simply 'let it burn' when the Party elders decide to nominate another flaccid, gutless centrist (R) and the Hildebeeste.  That is to say, they would sit it out, erect a middle finger, and walk away from the conflagration sure to follow.

Apparently Marco Rubio is of that mindset, too.

...in recent weeks, within Cruz’s camp, talk of a joint ticket has run rampant. Utah Republican Mike Lee, one of two senators to endorse Cruz, has emerged as an outspoken supporter of a unity ticket — and as a potential broker. The freshman senator, according to several sources briefed on the talks, has reached out repeatedly to Rubio to gauge his interest, but has been rebuffed....RedState quoting Politico

Some might be silly enough to say that The Donald is not a 'flaccid centrist.'  That's true, as far as it goes.  Unmentioned is the fact that The Donald has no principles whatsoever.  He has been on both sides of any material issue except one:  the issue of Big Gummint.

There, The Donald stands tall.  He wants more of it.  Lots more.  And don't bother The Donald with niceties about the Bill of Rights, either.

Meantime, the Earnest Young Man has turned into a sulking 6-year-old.  Huh.

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