Sunday, March 06, 2016

CF Industries, Bob Arzbaecher....What?

There's something of a brouhaha boiling in Louisiana which brings a Milwaukee name to the fore.

A group of ironworkers and riggers working in Louisiana have been told to remove American flags from their trucks or be terminated.

The decree came from those in charge of the CF Industries fertilizer plant expansion in Donaldsonville, La., on Thursday....

To be fair, there is a bit of confusion at CF over all this:

...BizPac Review reached out to Chris Close, director of corporate communications at CF Industries, who stressed that the men were subcontractors and not employees, but he admitted he had no immediate knowledge of the situation....

Well, then.  Google "CF Industries" and who pops up as a Board member?

Robert C. Arzbaecher has served as chairman of the board of Actuant Corporation, a manufacturer and marketer of industrial products and systems, since 2001 and as president and chief executive officer of the corporation from 2000 until January 2014. From 1992 until 2000, he held various financial positions with Applied Power, Inc., Actuant's predecessor, the most recent of which was chief financial officer....

There must be some explanation, right, Bob?

HT:  Weasel Zippers


Anonymous said...

I totally missed this one..... what are you getting at? what is the motive behind being anti-nationalistic

Dad29 said...

Like the post indicates, CF Corporate doesn't seem to know much about it.

Have NO idea why anyone would "ban the flag", though.