Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Saletan Is Wrong About Trumpism

Saletan is regarded as some sort of political guru.  What he actually is is.wrong.  That's not a surprise:  Saletan swims in the DC/NYC/West Coast ocean of over-educated twits who haven't a clue.

...The delusion that Obama caused Trump has been building since last year. This week, it reached the last bastion of rationality on the right: New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. Douthat has a long track record of fairness and good sense. When the madness infects even him, it’s time to clear the air. No, Obama didn’t cause Trump. What caused Trump was the GOP’s decision to negate Obama in every way, and thereby become the party of Trump....

The Establishment GOP has given Obozo every damn thing that Obozo wanted; and where the Establishment failed to do so, SCOTUS moved in to make up the difference.  THAT is why Trump--who is a marginally-successful real estate developer with bad hair but a massive ego, has succeeded in seducing people who are utterly disgusted with BOTH Republicans and Democrats.

Unfortunately, Saletan's "wisdom" is swallowed whole by Party Poobahs and the MSM.

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