Monday, March 07, 2016

HRC's Candidacy in One Sentence

Grim's summation:

...The appeal to self-as-victim, in the hope of aligning other self-described victims behind her, is the core of her political stance....

Well said.


Anonymous said...

You mean like white conservative men who get a little bit ... how does one put this diplomatically ... teenage girly when they survey the rise of Obama's America and the toppling of hetero-hegemony?

Dad29 said...

No. We're not girly; we solve the problems with guns!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh right. Guns. That's not teenage girly. It's just an odd mix of black thug and PMSing suburban mom.

Dipshit. Kettle. Black.

Dad29 said...

OK, then, I'll try the REAL answer.

Her "victimnood" is as false as false can be. What she rails against is Right Order. That particular whine is identical to that of the Queer "Marriage" sect, and all the others who imagine that their "rights" to self-satisfaction are superior to Right Order.

There is a reaction to irrationality, of course. But that reaction is not 'whining.' It is what's known as justifiable anger.

Get used to it.