Friday, March 25, 2016

RedState Predicts Cruz in Wisconsin

An ex-resident of Wisconsin predicts Cruz will out-poll Trump in Wisconsin.

Well, maybe. 

His thesis is that the (R) voters--following Sykes and Belling--will fall into line and vote Cruz.  That part may be true, but he forgets that Trump, a demagogue and slimeball, gathers his support from disaffected Democrats.

And in the Wisconsin primary, one can be a (D) but vote on the (R) ticket.

There are a few other observations in his essay and in the combox which are shaky.  1)  Someone there thinks that Tommy Thompson, the master of borrow-and-spend, actually has influence with Conservatives.  Wrong.  2)  The essayist opines that Grothmann is a 'rock-solid' conservative.  Wrong.  Grothmann is a party-line voter who has no problems at all voting centrist when he is told to do so.  3)  He thinks the state supreme court race will favor Cruz.   Not necessarily.  Why?  That race is non-partisan; voting on that will NOT prevent a (D) from voting for Trump--and the Left knows that they must GOTV on that race, meaning that there will be plenty of (D) voters in the booth who can pull the TrumpkinKoolAde lever, too.

All-in-all, he may be right; Cruz may well prevail.  But I'm not betting the house on it.  Demagogue sleazeballs have won before.

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