Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cdl. Dolan--Really?

It is reported that Cdl. Dolan laments the laxity of Lenten observance by Catholics.

So where was Cdl. Dolan when Bud Selig scheduled Opening Day on Good Friday?

Yes, I know that Selig is not a Catholic--but did then-Abp. Dolan utter a public peep?  Did Abp. Dolan relax the Good Friday fast/abstinence for Brewer fans?


For that matter, my memory is cloudy--but didn't Abp. Dolan issue a "pass" on Friday observances when St Patrick's Day fell on that weekday?

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Anonymous said...

Why does he lament Catholics not observing lent? I lament he doesn't uphold the teachings of the Church. It is a sad day when there is such poor catechesis and they actually wonder about why some Catholics act more Protestant than Catholic.